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Christoforos Kekakos, president and founder of Lakonic Sun, was born and raised in Lakonia, which is in southern Greece. The Kekakos family can trace its roots in Lakonia for over 400 years. His father, Pavlos Kekakos was a merchant sailor where he learned about international trade. He was fortunate that his family made olive oil, and that honey, raw sea salt,olives,wild oregano were part of his daily life. 

Christoforos studied marketing and sales in the United States of America and also worked in Greece as a tourist guide where he taught visitors about the beauty and history of Greece. His family always ate a true Mediterranean diet. 

His grandparents Filenia 
and Christoforos Gklezakos and also his mother Helena Kekakos-Gklezakos, taught him to appreciate these natural foods. 


Christoforos used to spend time on his family farms by olive trees and smelling the crisp air blowing from the Mediterranean Sea. You can experience all of this by visiting Villa Christoforos Kekakos.

He wants to share these authentic Greek products available through Lakonic Sun.

Christoforos would like to thank the  partners and suppliers who work with Lakonic  Sun LLC, and also his uncle Michalis Gklezakos (professor at university of Piraeus in Greece) for the guidance and assistance .

Our farms in Greece 

Peloponnesus Region

Lakonia Area 

Mediterranean Sea 






photo 1975









photo 1990





 Economist Professor 

in University of

Piraeus Greece

photo 2015

Piraeus - Greece


Beautiful vista from one of our olive groves nourished by pure rain water.   

Over 200 year old Olive trees are common on our farm.

Traditional Kekakos Family Castle: 

Originally Built Circa 1800

To defend against invaders.

Our founder personally hand made this traditional stone warehouse for perfect temperature-controlled storage.


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