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Lakonic Sun derives its name from the Lakonia area located in the southernmost part of Greece. Our products come from the Peloponnese Region near the Mediterranean Sea and the Taygetos mountain which overlook the cities of Sparta and Kalamata. The Taygetos Mountain also overlooks the Evrotas River.


Our Old-World farming technics ensure that this land is untouched by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Due to its low altitude, and frequent rainfall this location produces the finest and most sought-after olives in Greece.  

Our experts firmly support farm to table lifestyles and select only the finest Greek products. We travel to regions of Greece that produce the only the very best quality.  Our high standards are what have made Lakonic Sun a household name in both Greece and Abroad.


It is important to note that many products which say that they’re from Greece may only mean that they are packaged in Greece. However, there is no guarantee that the source of the product is from Greece. Our products are authentically Greek. The olives, the oregano, the sea salt, the honey, are all grown and harvested from Greek terrain and are truly made in Greece.


We are very excited about bringing our products to the United States, and promoting a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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